Monday, February 9, 2009

The theatre came to me last night

No getting swindled on ticket prices by Ticketmaster, no spending a fortune on a babysitter, no need to get showered and all dolled up...the theatre came to me last night. The kids treated me to a wonderfully original puppet show last night. We have had these 2 dragon puppets forever and they are finally getting some use. Owen started our evening off with a wonderful little Snow Miser & Heat Miser number (inspired by his favourite Christmas this year). The blue one was Snowy and the orange one was Hotey. They sang songs, had a little fight and were told to behave by their mom (Mother Nature) who was not "in" the play in person - just in voice. I love that he thought this whole idea up on his own, so original, so creative. Here the brothers are either in the midst of a fight or are making up...I cannot honestly remember:
Then Isabelle went behind the blanket and put on her own show. We are assuming she held the puppets up, but we could not see them. She made some noises, played the piano a little and then came out from underneath and clapped. It was too sweet. Notice her feet below the puppet theatre:We had a lot of laughs, took tons of photos and just had a wonderfully simple creative favourite!

{edited} Thinking of making some sock puppets tonight...might be a fun craft to do, get the kids sewing on buttons for eyes, practicing with scissors to cut out felt ears...look for more on that tomorrow hopefully.

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