Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Auntie Jen plays baseball

...although there is no photographic proof, the hazzard of always being behind the camera I guess.

Justin and Isaac love baseball...I mean they really LOVE baseball. We played countless games in the backyard. (They grey cement block wall is where my eye received the lovely purple and green hue that still persists almost 2 weeks later)

We walked to the park one day and came across a baseball diamond, so of course we played there too. And on the last day we all went again...Tobin hung out in the stroller, quite happily watching, Kiah took turns batting, pitching and running with Auntie Jen, Mommy and Daddy. Justin & Isaac were superstars! They were on 1 team and the adults were on another team. I think at last count, they beat us eleventy-teen to four. :)

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