Friday, March 30, 2007

Lynde Creek

Planning on going to Lynde Creek Conservation Area this weekend and was looking at the pictures from the time we were there in February...brings back all these great memories. Kaitlin was here for a few days while on her reading week break from Western University and what a great time we had. Here are some of my fave shots. What you will not see is a photo of Kaitlin trying to feed the birds, she was a little squeemish and really did not want to have a bird on her hand...maybe next time Auntie KK.

Auntie K...pushing the stroller

Owen holding out his hand to feed the bird

Me feeding a bird

Owen doing a "nature pee pee"

Isabelle all bundled up in the stroller

Kaitlin and Owen stomping around in the woods

~thank you for looking...jen~

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How beautiful...

Lately we have had the most beautiful sunrises. The odd time I am up before the kids I get a real chance to just enjoy the beauty. I love these colours:

Here is another view from our front window...gotta love that blast of orange & red:


I'm gonna eat you...

Our sweet girl is teething and trying to eat everything in sight. If it comes within a few inches of her mouth she opens up like a little birdie and tries to eat it...she looks so cute!!!
The camera...


Panda Bears...




Monday, March 19, 2007

It's all green


What a great day we had on Friday. My friend and neighbour, Leslie, runs a daycare business out of her home and invited us over for a Saint Paddy's Day party with all the kids. She did such a great job with the decorations, stickers for each person, green beads and shamrock crowns. She made jello sundaes with orange and green jello and white ice cream on yummy! The kids really had a blast...THANKS LESLIE!

You will see photos of my kiddies and also Leslie's - Ruby (holding Isabelle) and William.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The girl

As I was reviewing our posts (I know...there were only 3 before this one), I realized I had yet to mention sweet Isabelle. You see, the boy does all sorts of interesting things that make us laugh and the girl, well, she doesn't yet. She is awfully cute though, so I am dedicating this post to our adorable 4 month old Izzy.

At 4 months old she is almost doing a lot of things...almost rolling over...almost sitting up...almost sleeping through the night every night (we get 5 out of 7 right now). Owen loves her so much and loves to sing to her especially when she is upset.

Isabelle loves her exersaucer, jolly jumper and is just starting to hold rattles and other toys. She is a very easy going baby who is full of smiles and laughs. We delight in her every day!


Stalling tactics

Last night after Adrian & Owen had read 3 stories and done some cuddling, after Owen & I had talked about the best part of our day and done some cuddling, after we had both given loads of kisses & hugs goodnight, after we had reviewed the rulee about the door (stay in bed - door stays open...get out of bed - door gets closed), after we had left him to fall asleep on his own and were making a fire and settling into a quiet evening of watching TV...a quiet little voice spoke to us from the upstairs landing.

"I have just one more thing to say Mommy"
"OK Owen, I am listening"
(the eyes dart around - desperate to fall on some 'talking subject')
"Do you know where Norf America is?" (ah, he has spied the large world map on the wall)
then before I can even answer...
"No, no, no...I you know where Syrup is?"
"Do you mean Europe Owen?"
"Yeah, Syrup"
"Yes Owen, I know where Europe is. Back to bed. Goodnight"
and off he shuffled. Gotta love the stalling tactics those sweet little brains can come up with...their mission - simply to stay awake. If only they knew how cute they looked when asleep...they might just be inclined to go to sleep a little sooner. Sweet dreams my sweet boy!


Friday, March 16, 2007


We went to the zoo the other day and had the greatest time ever! The weather was warm-ish, no need for snowpants, hats and mitts and in March in Ontario that is really something. My mom was here for the day and came with me and the kiddies, so nice to be able to share the day with her.

The Toronto Zoo is a huge place and we could not see everything in one day. We saw the polar bear, sad story, there used to be 2 bears but one got West Nile and passed away. The one left seemed so lonely, kept coming out of the 'back' area...looked around...and went back in. He did this about 20 times and then finally got into the water. Kids are so perceptive, Owen said to my mom "Grandma, it looks like he is looking for someone", wow! After the polar bear we saw the Llamas (just like on Diego - don't you love TV). Owen told me that Llamas have padded feet to help them walk, learned this on Diego. Then it was the spider monkeys, jaguars and the amazing Americas pavilion. The pavilion was about a million degrees hot but was full of great creatures - snakes, turtles, otters, little tiny monkey things...just love that place.

On the way out we passed by a HUGE puddle. Predictably, Owen waded right in, it was over the top of his boots and he had a blast splashing around. Just as predictably as soon as he was done in the puddle he wanted out of his wet clothing...his pants were soaked! So in the middle of the pathway off came his pants and back into the stroller with a blanket. Then we had to stop for the potty and he marched in, these two tiny little legs sticking out below his coat and into huge boots, so cute. I am sure everyone thought he must have peed his pants. (on another note, he is doing so well with potty accidents in over 2 weeks...WOO HOO).

I remember to carry my camera everywhere but seem to forget it when those magical moments happen - like Owen jumping around in the puddle. I did get a few cute shots - the standard "I am the king of the castle" shot and one of him apres-puddle jumping.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


WOO HOO...We are now official bloggers.

I am so freaking tired right now (after being up about 8 times last night between Isabelle and Owen) that I really have nothing to say. But my brother sent me a link to his family's blog and so in the spirit of sibling rivalry I of course had to have my own blog.

Just got a text message from Adrian that he has arrived safely back from Boston, his flight just touched down. As soon as he is home I am going to bed...wish me luck for sleeping more than an hour at a time tonight.

Love you all!