Friday, February 27, 2009

12 Months Ago

And if 6 months ago is good...then 12 months is better. (like that logic?)

1 year ago Isabelle still had the biggest blue eyes on the planet, now they are changing and turning to a soft green colour.

1 year ago Owen started eating green beans, they are now his most favourite vegetable.

1 year ago my nephew Tobin was born, and I finally got to meet him at the beginning of the month.

1 year ago Owen started reading, sounding out letters and reading whole words, now he can read entire Dr. Seuss books and Magic Tree house chapter books.

1 year ago Isabelle did not have enough hair to put a single clip in it, now she has wild blond locks, still not very long, but require clips every day.

1 year ago we planned our first trip to Great Wolf Lodge and have been back a few times since. Last night we booked our next trip in April.

1 year ago I read Time Traveller's Wife for the first time and just re-read it for my book club.

1 year ago Owen and Isabelle attended Blaisdale Montessori school, now Owen is in Senior Kindergarten at Cadarackque (across the screet from us) and Isabelle is at home with Nora.

1 year ago I had been back at work for 2 months and was attending night school, now I am back at work and am happy here.

1 year ago, Isabelle was sitting in a highchair for all her meals, now she sits on a big chair...truth be told, she rarely sits at all.

1 year ago, Owen was taking hip hop lessons at school and loved to pose for us.

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