Sunday, January 31, 2010

2009 Review

I am having a hard time these days finding time to scrapbook, but I can always find a few minutes to put together a quick digital page. Here are 2 I did this morning. I love that I can use the same template and make layouts that look very different. I love that I do not have to pull out my glue and paper cutter and the rest of the supplies. I love that there is virtually no cleanup. I love that in the span of 30 minutes (after choosing photos) I can have 2 layouts done, blogged and uploaded to costco for printing. I love digital scrapbooking in a way that I never thought possible...thanks mom.

Friday, January 29, 2010


As he lay in bed this morning, alternately stretching and then pulling the blankets up over his head to shield out the light, "Today is a good day. Today is free-time-Friday at school. Today is pizza day, for lunch & dinner AND Today is swimming. Today is my best day ever." Then he came out from under the blankets, threw his arms around me and gave me the warmest, biggest hug and said, "Thank you for taking me swimming today mama, I love you."
Gotta say...that was the very best start to the day for this mama. He has such a zest for life and has such a great way of looking at things. Love this boy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

10 Things : January 2010

:two teeth lost in two days. He created scavenger hunts for the tooth fairy to figure out to find his teeth, and she created scavenger hunts for him to solve to find his!
:star wars lego
:family "chill" time after dinner and before the bedtime battles begin
:relaxing watching tv in jammies on weekend mornings...and lying on Auntie's quilt...xo
:homework time after dinner most the intensity
:this boy
:this girl
:these two battling it out on star wars lego wiiSo many little things to notice and record that make up our lives right now.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


In the past 3 months...
we have sprinkled reindeer food on Christmas Eve
written letters to Santa on Christmas Eve
played with toys on Christmas morning
had a $3000 operation for Oliver who swallowed a random piece of crap on the ground
and built many lego Star Wars ships.
More updates coming soon...Love to you all...The Gills