Monday, March 31, 2008

My Boy

Owen is 4 and a half...and I find myself asking "how did this happen?" It seems only moments ago he was a tiny wriggling baby and how he is quickly losing all his baby-ness and becoming a really grown up boy. Here are some of my favourite shots over the past few weeks.

Posing for me...he loves to make silly faces at the camera, but this day he wanted to do a serious shot
But then quickly reverted to his more clasic Owie can literally see his personality

He loves school and has many friends there. He was at a school friend's birthday party recently at Chuck E Cheese...lots of fun for Owie and Mom.

As you all know, Owen has an adventerous side and has been known to do a little climbing now and then. Adrian came into the kitchen the other day to find this:

Owen wanted to get something out of the pantry, and being the independent sort that he is...decided to build a chair ladder and help himself. Just to abate any fears you may have on our parenting ability and judgement, we have talked to Owen about safety and asking for help.

He has started taking hip hop dance classes at school. He came home after his first lesson with 5 new moves...the side step, the hop, the clap, the spin, and our favourite...the pose:

Owen loves the outdoors and the snow this winter has provided many hours of enjoyment.

Owen is quite very best boy. Love you buddy!

My Girl

Isabelle is now 17 months old...time just goes by so quickly. She is lovely, very happy and full of smiles. She has starting to talk a little but has been able to make her wants and desires known for a long time now. She enjoys her food and has a habit of playing with her hair while she eats...makes for funny pictures and lots of baths around here. Here are some pics of my sweet girl.
Eating Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans

New Skinny Jeans from Auntie KK...Isabelle asks "ignore the drool on my shirt please"
Kaitlin...thank you so much for her cute she is as fashionable as her Auntie.

Isabelle loves playing outside. She will bring us her coat and boots and say "uh...uh...uh" while holding them out...and will keep doing this until we get her dressed and take her out. Right now her fave thing is the wagon. The other day I took Owen to a birthday party and Izzie was so upset as we were leaving, so Adrian got her dressed and took her out for a stroller walk. They arrived back at the house and as he was putting away the stroller she had climbed in the wagon and smiled up at Adrian "dada...dada...dada", so out they went again..for another walk. What a great dad.

Enjoying the great outdoors in her favourite seat in the wagon:
In the swing at the park
Navigating the tricky icy ground with Daddy
Isabelle is also a real bottle girl...loves her "buh-buh"

She loves to play peek-a-boo with the large stool in the family room. She runs to it, crouches down for a split second then laughs and peeks out. When we say "peek-a-boo" she claps her hands and then crouches again. Very sweet.

Look really can see her head behind the stool:

One more shot of my happy blue eyed girl...mama loves you sweetie.

Decorating Eggs

Easter seemed to sneak up on us this we bucked the system and decorated eggs after easter...better late than never I guess.Owen is 4 1/2 now and so very independent. He wanted to do all the decorating all on his own, here is how it went...
Step 1 - pour the water into the cup with the colour tablet

Step 2 - stir, stir, stir
Step 3 - put egg in holder
Step 4-carefully lower the egg into the colour
Step 5 - watch VERY carefully

Step 6 - remove egg from colour ...this is where it starts to get messy

Step 7 - get more eggs and dye them
*remember to rinse the holder between each egg*
Step 8 - show off the messiest hands

Step 9 - decorate beautiful eggs with some Scooby Doo and Transformer stickers...
"now they look great, right mom?"
"of course much better now that they are covered in stickers"
And lastly Step 10- have a snack while mom cleans up

As an aside, Isabelle wanted to be involved, but with her prediliction for putting EVERYTHING in her mouth and dumping the contents of every container onto the floor, I was a little nervous to give her the cups of dye, or the dyed here she is with a hard boiled egg...
and after only a few goes into the mouth...does she like it you ask?

...judging by the photos...I think not...but she enjoyed squishing it throwing it on the floor.
thanks isabelle...mama did not have quite enough to clean up already
After the debacle of the hard boiled egg we thought maybe one with the shell on would be be better...but all the hard boiled ones were dyed...silly me..into the mouth and the egg was cracked. ***notice the colour stained lips***

Lets have one last look at those beautiful eyes...could my boy be any cuter???
~happy mama~