Monday, August 31, 2009

this boy

This boy...who enunciates every syllable and even puts in a few new ones.
This boy...who loves Ben 10 and Ben 10 Alien Force and knows the differences between the two.
This boy...who loves to read.
This boy...who can ride his two wheeler and even fix the chain when it comes off.
This boy...who makes his own bed almost every morning
This boy....who completely has his own style...and loves it!
This boy...who will not eat any fruit, but loves all flavours of applesauce
This boy...who is going to French Immersion Grade 1 in only two weeks
This boy...who loves ants and spiders and snails and all sorts of bugs
This boy...who listens to Christmas music in the middle of June to put himself to sleep
This boy...who chubs ears
This boy...who helps his sister up onto the green box
This boy...who loves to go on dates with his mama
This boy...who makes faces whenever the camera is pointed in his direction.
This own Sam Safety...who would put the sparkler out in the bucket long before it was done sparking..."just in case mom, I don't want to get burned hands."
This boy...who loves to play his Nintendo DS
This boy...who happily gives away his belongings to his friends if they seem interested in them

This boy...who loves to be naked
This boy...who hates posing for photos but indulges his mama from time to time.
This boy...who at almost 6 still loves to snuggle
This boy...who still likes to hold hands while we walk
This boy...who has yet to figure out that it is not cool to kiss mama and daddy goodbye
This boy...who says "Sometimes I don't like to go to something (like soccer or gymnastics) but I do like it when I get there."
This boy...who is shy and sensitive and so loving
This my boy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sydney is 3!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Sydney
Happy Birthday to you
This sweet little button is 3 today. Happy Birthday...we love you!
Jennifer, Adrian, Owen & Ibbitybo

Monday, August 24, 2009

This Girl...

This girl...who is always smiling
This girl...who has her daddy wrapped around her little finger
This girl...who plays Polly Pockets and Barbies
This girl...who loves her babies
This girl...who will play legos and pirates for hours just to have the chance to play with her big brother
This girl...who runs and give huge hugs and kisses to whomever walks in the door
This girl...who can turn on the charm or the tears depending on what the situation needs
This girl...who loves her nukies and bear and doggie and bunny and blanket
This girl...who steals my heart every time she smiles
This girl...who says CHEESE with such vigor and gusto it looks like it hurts
This girl...who loves Dora and Yo Gabba Gabba and Toopy and Binoo
This girl...who loves to play charades and CandyLand and Cranium Cariboo
This girl...who watches herself in the mirror as I do her hair and declares I so booful
This girl...who insists on wearing a princess dress almost every day
This girl...who loves her brother and wants to do everything he does
This girl...who introduces her family to strangers in the grocery store Hi, my am Issy and dis is my frien mama.
This girl...who wants to grow up today so she can play tball and go to camp like her big brother
This girl...who is happiest when she is outside
This girl...who says I did a pee-pee when she needs to use the bathroom
This girl...who at 2 1/2 years old is fully toilet trained even through the night
This girl...who is a complete bandaid addict
This girl...who loves yogurt and grapes and chicken and strawberries and noodles
This girl...who says Mama, I neeeeeed you
This girl...who I carried for 9 months
This my girl!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Sister... gorgeous smart the BEST Auntie KK around playful sweet and kind and wonderful silly likely going to kill me for posting these pics...but I am OK with that...cause I just love her!
Thank God for SISTERS! Love you Kaitlin! xoxoxo

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Boys

The boys also played well together. Owen and Isaac are only 6 months is so nice that the cousins are so close.

Owen and Isaac fishing. "Do you see any fishies?"
"Three cheers for team White Shirts. Hip Hip Horray - Hip Hip Horray - Hip Hip Horray!"
It was these three against Adrian, Kiah & Isabelle...I think team White Shirts won 3 games in a row.
The after goal group hug:
Owen and Isaac working together on the kayak

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Girls

Jason, Bridget and the kids (Justin, Isaac, Kiah and Tobin) spent a week at the cottage in July. We went up for two days and took about a million pics. The girls are so close in age and really got along so well. Isabelle kept saying "This is my friend Kiah" "Hi my friend Kiah" ... so cute! Here are some of my favourites:

Friday, August 14, 2009

cn tower

We spent a great day with Nora and the kids at the CN Tower...they were most amazed by the glass floor in the elevator and in the observation area. I was not brave enough to stand on it...but the kids were all over it!

They really were so cute together:
And no fear of pressing right up against the glass:

Even though it was a cloudy day, we got to see a lot through the viewers. Owen loved looking at how small the people were.

Some wonderful group shots: