Monday, July 23, 2007

Three boys at the Zoo

We have been acting as tour guides these past few days with my brother and his family staying with really has been wonderful.
We went to the zoo and the boys had a really great time. Here are some of my favourite shots of the wildlife:

And the wildlife that we brought in with us:

Owen is in orange and is 3 1/2 years old
Isaac is in green and is 4 years old
Justin is in red and is 5 1/2 years old


Summer Doughty Day

Twice a year my dad's family get together for a day...4 of his 5 siblings (Aunt Shirley lives out of province)...all their children...and their children. There are now 12 great-grandkids and two more on the way, there are 10 in this photo.

From left to right:
Isabelle Gill...Owen Gill...Justin Doughty...Isaac Doughty...Kiah Doughty...Ashley Haringa...Jordan Haringa...Olivia Taylor...Rachel Cooke...Emma Coulson
(missing Cameron Cooke and Graydon Miller)

My grandfather, the head of this clan, passed away last year gand this was the first summer get together without him, he was really missed. I know that Grandpa Bud would have loved seeing us all together, he loved his family and has passed on that love of family to all of us.

This was the first time my brother and his family were able to attend, they came up from North Carolina for a few weeks. So nice to see them with the extended family.

Other than the weather, which was rainy, we had a perfect day!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thursday nights are all about soccer

We enrolled Owen in soccer this year, it is the first year that he could join and with Adrian's passion and it only made sense to get him in. Owen is one of the youngest on the team being an October baby and so his attention span is not quite where it needs to be for an hour and a half of soccer (1/2 hour practice and then 1 hour game). When playing in the yard or in the field across the road he is wonderful...loves to run and kick the ball and almost always remembers not to touch the ball with his hands...he certainly is quick to remind anyone else who dares to touch it so it is clear he knows the rules.

On the soccer field Owen can be found making friends with children on the other team, running with his shirt covering his face, darting for the park, doing circles around the goal post, standing still in the middle of the field waiting for an apology after someone bumped him during a scuffle or sitting at the sidelines having another sip of his drink.

In the first game he made contact with the ball and ran with it down the length of the field; howeve this level of involvement or interest has yet to be repeated. Adrian and I keep focussing on the teamwork aspect and having fun. The games are simply a blast to watch so if you are in the area stop on by...I am certain you will have as much fun as we do.

After his last soccer game we asked him what his 3 favourite parts were. Here are his answers:
#1 - going to the park (the soccer field is in a school yard and there is an amazing park attached)
#2 - going to the bathroom (there is a grotty port-a-potty which he insists on visiting at least twice every game)
#3 - refreshment time

We then clarified our question and asked him what was his favourite about the actual soccer game and he put a finger to his lips and thought for a moment..."um...nothing about playing but I like the shaking hands at the end 'cause it is teamwork". That's my boy!

~official soccer mom~

Friday, July 6, 2007

There is something

...about kids in a bathtub that makes me run for the camera. Not certain if it is how bright their eyes look or the funky hair you can make with shampoo...whatever it is I try to rarely miss a fun bath moment.
Owen loves his little sister and loves to give her things to chew on. Fingers and toes are his current favourite things:

Gotta love the budding rock star look:

I think I have to do a little more explaining on exactly how to use the toothbrush, it is not quite so effective this way:

Little Miss Blue Eyes:

And finally, Owen requested that I take a photo of him "giving my sister a smooch"...of course my sweet boy, of course:

~proud mama~

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Perfect day

Adrian had Wednesday, July 4th off of work and we headed to Center Island for the day. Thanks to Auntie Alison we did not have to take Isabelle with us, she spent the day with her cousin Skylar and got to nap and eat on schedule. We had a wonderful time, Owen loved the rides especially the roller coaster...what a daredevil. It was a long day starting with a ferry ride from downtown to the Island:

Owen and I then went through the maze, he was very brave as there were lots of older children pushing past us and it was very dark.

We walked down to the lake and walked along the pier. The weather was not great, cloudy and rainy so no bathers, but perfect for photos

A whole bunch of rides and a yummy ice cream cone to end the day

Owen fell asleep on the way home, which rarely happens.
All in all it was the perfect day.