Friday, February 20, 2009

photo wall

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That statement is no more true than when shopping for art. We have many unadorned walls in our home due to our individual interpretation of beauty...well, that and budget :) We have a lovely fireplace in the family room and the space above that spent many months empty while we searched for and tried out several different art pieces before finally deciding on a mirror. We have a king sized bed and spent over 3 years searching for artwork for above it before finding one we could agree on. This brings us to the 'other' wall in the bedroom, the one we lie in bed and look at first thing in the morning, the one we can peek at over our books as we lie in bed at night...the (until last week) big empty wall that was screaming for something to make it pretty.

Now it is glorius and adorned with our favourite photos. All converted to black and white. The shelf is from IKEA and comes in white, black and in many different lengths. The frames also came from IKEA and come in 9 different sizes from 4x6 all the way up to 20x27. I converted the photos to black & white using photoshop and printed them online at Costco. I think the entire project cost less than $50...certainly money well spent. Our shelf is 6" long and the frames range in size from 4x6 up to 15x20; we have 16 prints in total on display. Sorry for the crummy pictures - it is our bedroom light you see making the yellow spots on some of the photos.
I wake up in the morning and the first thing I see are the faces of my what could be better than that?
Here are some closeups:

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Jim said...

Wow, that is BEAUTIFUL! Well done!