Monday, November 3, 2008


Getting ready for Christmas early this year. Instead of being disappointed that we missed out on certain crafts or traditions, I sat down and made a long list of everything that I wanted to accomplish. It is quite a list...movies to watch (Grinch, Elf & The Polar Express topping the list), games to play, goodies to bake (cookies with Grandma, nuts n bolts), crafts to make with the kids, crafts to make on my own, events (sprinkling reindeer food on Christmas eve, visiting Santa at the mall...)...and on and on and on. I was getting a little stressed looking at the list, then I gave the list to mom and she helped me to make it more manageable…thanks mom…what would I do without you?

So we have started Christmas Craft #1. I love watching the kids little hands at work. So focused on the task at hand, trying so hard to make their fingers to what they want...and the results...fantastic!

Inbetween helping the kids, I started to do one of my own. Mine is mostly browns, creams and green with a little red thrown in...looking forward to having this somewhere in the house come December.
Owen started work on 2 – one in all red and one with multi colours. He found that he especially likes the ones with a shank on the back that he can use to attach - rather than the ones with 2-4 holes. The former make a nice rattling noise when you shake the tree...apparently this is a very important quality. I love his creativity, he has such a different way of seeing things.
Isabelle stuck in a few buttons, but had more fun sorting and playing with the buttons and was generally thrilled to be involved in the project...she is usually in bed when any crafts of this magnitude happen. So...Nana...Nana & Papa...Grandma...this is a sneak preview of what will be under the tree for you this year. xoxo

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