Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nature Table Tree

Months ago, I started reading Amanda Soule’s book The Creative Family and was inspired to start a Nature Table. In essence it is a seasonal area for bits of nature to reside, but more than that it is intended to be a place to enjoy the beauty of nature, perhaps a place for quiet reflection...a very special place. I talked to the kids about this and we immediately labeled the table on our front porch The Nature Table and the kids would put all of their treasures on that table. It quickly became covered in acorns, twigs, pinecones, rocks and other wonderful items. Yes, it was a nature table, but it was not very visually appealing or inspiring. Not something that one would want to come back to again and again to look at. So I have been thinking and searching and trying to figure out where, inside my house, did I dare set up a nature table. The front hall table seemed to me to be the best place, but for all sorts of reasons I could not figure out how to do it. Until I took a peek at Martha Stewart’s website this morning. She has a Christmas Workshop that has 6 weeks of projects leading into Christmas. Decorating, baking, gift making. I clicked on Week 5 interior decorations, saw this greetings tree and it was like a lightbulb went off. Perfection.

I love the idea of the branches giving some structure to the nature table. The little pots can be changed seasonally and added to as the kids find new treasures. It will work in all seasons and we will be able to incorporate some of our crafts – decorate with hand made paper snowflakes after Christmas is over, tissue paper flowers in the spring, green paper leaves in the summer and so many great colours in the fall – leaf rubbings in red, yellow and orange. It will work with all of our holidays – red hearts for Valentines day, decorated eggs hanging at Easter, tiny flags for Canada day…the ideas are endless.

I cannot wait to get home tonight and get started on our new Nature Table Tree.

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