Monday, November 24, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

Last year, Ajax started doing the Santa Clause parade at night and continued that this year. It was a freezing cold night -10c (14F). The Stephen Family came for a play date and attended the parade with us. We got there early to get a good spot and get set up. The kids drank their hot chocolate, played a bit in the snow, saw the first few floats that came by and then we bailed on the parade. The kids were frozen, Remy (the dog) was frozen, the adults were frozen and frankly we were all pretty miserable. Owen was the first to announce that he was "done" and the rest of us happily followed him back to the car where he and Isabelle cried almost the whole way home. Not such a happy parade experience this year...maybe we will find one next year that is held during the day.

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