Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Perfect Sweatshirt

Two years ago, when Kaitlin was in her first year of university, she bought Owen a grey and purple Western U sweatshirt. He wore it every week to karate because Auntie KK did karate and Auntie KK gave him the sweater. He wore that sweatshirt until the arms were only 3/4 sleeves and the neck was so tight it pulled his eyebrows up to his hairline when taking it off. He loved that sweatshirt so much. I think it was becuase it was a reminder to him of his Auntie K even though she was far away at school.
Well...Auntie KK has hit a homerun again. She bought Isabelle a wonderful University of Western sweatshirt for her birthday. Like everything, Bella rejected it at first. Now it is the only thing she wants to wear. She loves pockets right now and this has a kangaroo pocket right in front that she can put both hands into...a wonderful thing in her mind. It also has a hood...another great thing according to Isabelle. It is perfect in this wonderful fall weather we are having right now - not too hot and not too cold...just perfect.

Perfect for jumping on the trampoline.
Perfect for playing soccer.
Perfect for digging holes.
Perfect for being thrown into the air by daddy.Thank you Auntie KK. Thank you for being the perfect sister and the perfect Aunt.

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