Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bella the Butterfly

Our almost 2 year old is still so much a baby...and so grown up at the same time. She started off with her soother or NUKIE as it is called in our house, then moved to a chocolate-goat milk bottle.

I figured that Isabelle would be pretty oblivious to all of the night’s events, but not so. She and I walked hand in hand most of the night, skipped a few homes when we were catching up with the big kids...but she knew it was all about the candy. She happily carried her pumpkin bag and said "trick or treat" and “thank you” when prompted…but mostly she just wanted to eat candy. She would ask “can-ee now mama?” after each house. Then she would look into her bag to see what new goodies were there.

We were not in the house for 2 minutes when she had stripped part of the costume off and helped herself to some candy…my little sweetie has quite a sweet least she shared with friend Sydney.

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