Friday, November 7, 2008

A perfect night for celebration

We celebrated 2 birthday's last night - Isabelle's 2nd and dad's with a great little party. Nana & Papa were in town and it was wonderful having them with us.
Isabelle got well and truly spoiled; a few very cool dolls, her very first Barbie (thank you Nora), a Western University sweatshirt from Auntie KK (thanks Kaitlin, I love that you are carrying on the tradition) and some much needed jammies.
It was a fun night, just spending time together as a family. Nana and Isabelle had a pizza party.
Papa and Owen sat on the couch playing Nintendo DS games.
We all played Owen's new Twister Hopscotch game from Nana & Papa (he loves it - we played again this morning). Sing on green, clap on red, dance on yellow...such fun!
"I wove ooo Aunie TayTay" Isabelle got to talk to Auntie KK on the phone - she loves to talk on the phone and she loves Auntie KK - just look at the smile on her sweet.
And Isabelle's word for the evening? Tink You. Loved it. She was saying it over and over, it was very clear and she was very happy. We were all pretty darn happy to be celebrating with her and seeing the excitment in her eyes.

Happy Birthday Dad!
Happy Birthday Bella!

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