Monday, September 8, 2008

Super Huge Update: NO MORE PULLUPS

Now this, my friends, is BIG TIME.

Several weekends ago (7 to be exact...not that we are counting), the kids and I spent a weekend at Andrea & Jeff's was just the kids and the mama's...and it was all wonderful. Madison and Owen are only 1 month apart and for quite some time, Madi has been going to bed without a PullUp. Owen has expressed interest in this area, but he drinks 2 HUGE drinks through the night and wakes up with a very full PullUp and sometimes even leaks. I figured we would be the only parents with an 8 year old in PullUps, but it really was not something that we were worried about or even desiring to change. The move from diapers to underwear took a very long time and was not without its challenges and frustrations on all our parts...sadly, I think our carpet took the brunt of it and still has "war wounds" to prove it. Neither Adrian nor I were in any rush to tackle this new challenge...but this is where we have to learn to take some cues from Owen...I am ready he kept telling us.

After the weekend, and seeing how "grown up" Madi was, Owen again expressed interest. I told him that if he could wake up for 5 days with a dry PullUp, then he could go without one. So he went to bed, like normal, with a PullUp and jammies on. When Adrian and I checked on him before bed, he was not in quite the same state as we had left him. Let's just say he had disrobed and was without a PullUp. Rather than wake a sleeping child I just figured we would have to change the sheets in the morning to deal with the leaking that would inevitebly take place.

I cannot tell you how surprised we were when in the morning we had a dry child and a dry bed greet us with the biggest grin on his face. He announced "See, I told you I was ready. No More Pullups!"

To celebrate, we had a "No More Pullups" party with some of his friends on the street - Ruby & William made Owen cards and wrote him letters of encouragement before they came...I found this so touching and wonderful (and great stuff to keep and add to his scrapbook. :) )

So we have a new routine around here, no drinks after dinner, an "empty the tank" pee before bed, and no more pullups. It has been 49 days and he has only had 2 accidents...I think we are now home free...No More PullUps.

So basically, Owen rocks.

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