Friday, September 5, 2008

She Loves...

It struck me yesterday, as Owen headed off to Kindergarten for the first time, how quickly time is passing. I was reflecting on how grown up the kids are getting. In the past month alone, I have noticed how Isabelle is growing up...

she loves books and can bee seen in her favourite princess chair with a book, snuggled on her bed with a book, and on the hammock in the backyard surrounded by books:

she loves music, dances to the theme songs to TV shows and yells "Dance Party" and expects everyone around her to dance, here she is playing the piano:

she loves the water in the bath - take a close look at this 2nd photo, I did a double-take. At first glance I thought it was Owen. I knew the kids looked alike, but this was a little eerie to me.

She loves her brother and most often, she can be found wherever Owen is...doing whatever Owen is doing:
My sweet little bella-boo. Love you ~mama~

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