Friday, September 12, 2008

Hello Friday

We have about a week under our belt with the new routine. With the "newness" of school wearing off, we are noticing there are a few challenges to work out but so is great!

A little late: We are having a little struggle with bedtime, we hear "I am not tired" more than once each evening. Working on a plan to make this a happier more peaceful event for all parties.

A little chaotic: It takes some time to get into the swing of things. Mornings are busy, evenings are busy and we have had more than a few "I'm just having a bad day" comments when things aren't going just right.

A little nerve-racking for the mama: Breathing in & out. He is going to be just fine. They won't lose him. He will make friends. He is excited to be there. He will be respectful. He will learn something. So much trust goes into this whole process, trusting the school, the teacher, the other kids.

A little wonderful: Actually, a lot wonderful. BIG steps for a big boy. There have been no tears and more often than not, Owen is outside and ready to go long before he needs to be.

A little structure: I have always loved the fall and the newness of a brand new school year ahead of me. I am getting myself into a better routine of exercising and eating well. And the structure of school is good for Owen - and he is ready.

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