Sunday, September 21, 2008

Meet the teacher

A few days ago we had one of those days. Owen had had a rough day...full of screams, meltdowns and tears...he changed into jammies and had climbed into bed at 4pm when his friend Jackson from down the street came over and that turned the day around. He hopped out of bed, rode his bike down the street, played for an hour and ended up staying for dinner. Then it was Meet the Teacher night...jammies and all. He was so very proud to show Mama and Daddy around his classroom...he was in his element and it was so nice to see.

This is Owen in the Listening Center...there are many books on disk that the children can listen to with headphones:
He read us the official Class Agreement:
He showed us his favourite toy:

and his favourite puzzles:

we finished with a bike ride home in the dark

A wonderful end to a pretty tough day.

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Pauline said...

Notice the jammies match the crocs and match the bike?