Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday Wishes

The other day Owen asked me “Mama, what do you want for your birthday?” and I answered him honestly “All I want is a card made by you and Isabelle.” Adrian & Nora worked together to make this happen and all I can say is thank you…thank you…thank you. Nothing touches my heart quite like a homemade card. Owen was SO excited to give it to me on Tuesday (the day before my birthday) and insisted I take it to work and put it on display…which I did of course. Several people noticed it and wished me a happy birthday. My mom took us all out for dinner to a wonderful restaurant and the kids were extra-specially great; which may or may not happen in public places. Adrian and I had a great evening – he surprised me with James Blunt concert tickets – one of my favourites and a total surprise. So looking forward to a night out with my hubby!

It occurred to me last night that all I want in life, all I REALLY want, is simple…a few moments of peace, special time with my favourite people and a handmade card. Thanks for making my wishes come true. xoxo

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