Friday, September 5, 2008


Off to a rough start as we awoke late...already behind...but spirits were high.

Fruit Loops...breakfast of champions:

Gotta project the right image on the first he dressed in his favourite Mr. Messy shirt:
Batman backpack donned and lunch box in hand...we set off:

A quiet moment (and hug & kiss) with dad before the starting bell rang...not nervous, but not outwardly excited either: (notice that neither of Isabelle's feet are touching the ground - she was jumping...clearly she is excited!)

He didn't even glance back as he went into the school (that is his teacher Mrs. Fraser holding the door)
My big brave kindergarten boy...have a great day at school honey!
Love you! xoxo

Back at home, Isabelle sat at the table to eat breakfast and in between each bite would ask, "Owen. Where?" to which Nora and I would reply "Owen is at school", after a few times, she then replied to her own question:
bite of cereal
"Owen. Where?"
"Owen. Gone."
I think she will be very happy to see him at 10:45. She adores her big brother.

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doughtydigest said...

Too cute. I love it when Kiah asks questions, like "daddy work?" They are growing up fast.

Happy first day of school Owen!