Wednesday, January 2, 2008

25th Christmas Morning + Naughty List

Owen managed to have a normal sleep despite all the excitement...we were completely geared up for a 4am wake-up call and were so thrilled when he did not call out to us until about 7:30. As we lay in bed, he ran to the family room and came right back announcing "there is something strange"
us "what is strange?"
owen "the carrots are all bitten and gone?"
us "what about the hot cocoa?"
---he runs back to family room and then back to us---
owen "it is lowered" (meaning that the liquid level in the mug has lowered or been drunk)
us "What about the cookies?"
---he runs off again to check---
owen "there are only little bits left"
us "what do you think happened?"
owen "I think Santa came"
owen "AND...the fireplace is open and the wood is all knocked over"

(we are just so thrilled and happy over his excitement)
---so we all come downstairs and read Santa's letter to Owen and Isabelle (who is still asleep)at the end of the note Santa writes that the presents are downstairs in the living room

Owen literally RUNS down stairs, stares at the stocking hanging on the fireplace and yells"I'm not on the naughty list!" it was all we could do not to laugh out loud...we did not know he thought he was that close to being on the naughty list...too funny!

Owen unwrapping. It was a little more frenetic this year than last...he was very eager to get to the next present and the next and the next instead of savouring the moment. I have to admit, part of me found it a little frustrating as it seemed greedy but in my heart I know it is just the age and the excitement. He was very keen on trying to read all the names on the tags and passing out presents.

This is a quick shot of our girl...totally in love with her bottle...just love those sleepy eyes.

While out shopping one day, Owen saw a little set of keys and cellphone that he wanted to give to Isabelle for Christmas. It warms my heart to know that in the midst of all those toys, he was thinking of his sister. In this photo, he is showing her how to play with them...sweet brother. And just look at the look on her face...pure adoration...she just loves her brother.

We had no specific plans for breakfast, just kind of grab what you want when you want and this is what Owen wanted...make your own pizza + yogurt + hot cocoa with marshmallows... Breakfast of Champions:

Adrian bought me a Nintendo DS gaming system for Christmas and also bought Owen a Deigo game that will play on he is showing Owen how to the closeness.
We had a wonderful morning opening presents, playing with new toys and just enjoying family time.

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