Wednesday, January 2, 2008

24th Christmas Eve + Wonderful Traditions

Due to our busy schedules leading up to Christmas we were still doing some shopping on the 24th but managed to be home at a decent time for our Night Before Christmas traditions. Owen is so into Santa and the reindeer this year, it was really exciting. After the kids were in bed, Adrian and I spent the night wrapping presents. We had planned on doing it the night before, but poor Adrian got the flu and was in no condition to be wrapping.

Owen sprinkling reindeer food on the front lawn. ..if you look closely you can see the sparkle:

Owen making hot cocoa for Santa. He made this mug at a local store a few days ago during their craft hour. He wanted to use his special mug for Santa:

Owen making his silly faces for the camera...what a ham:

I believe this was an attempt at a "nice smile":

Owen reading the note he wrote to Santa...I love those little toes:

All of Santa's goodies - a note, some hot cocoa, cookies and carrots for the reindeer:

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