Tuesday, January 1, 2008

22nd & 23rd - Family Parties and Christmas Celebrations Begin

Family Parties...We had both the Doughty and Duffy Christmas parties on one day this year...it made it tough to visit with everyone as we had to leave one party early and show up at the other one a little late...but I would rather have a little time than no time at all. So nice to see my cousins and their children, we were all so close growing up and although we do not see one another very often it is nice to catch up over the holidays.

We usually spend Christmas Eve with dad, Barb and Kaitlin, but with them living up north now it is a little harder to organize. They spent the night on the 22nd at our place - dad and Barb in Owen's "spidey" bed and Kaitlin on a pull-out futon in the basement...apparently I snore too much...who knew?

In the morning we had a lovely breakfast/brunch and then opened prezzies. Kaitlin's first gift to Owen was a multi-pack of Skittles brand lip balm (Owie calles it lip stick) had to be the hit of the day for him...he kept opening the package, taking them out, lining them up on the floor by flavour and then by colour and putting them away again. Kaitlin's next gift to him was another hit...the board game Guess Who...he loves it and we have been playing it daily ever since...thanks Auntie K. My parents totally surprised us with a Gift Certificate to Great Wolf Lodge which is an amazing resort hotel in Niagara...we are totally excited and cannot wait to go...what a great family gift...THANKS!

Overall it was a nice lazy morning with multiple cups of tea, a bunch of chatting and lots and lots of love.

Owen helping Auntie K open her stocking:

Owen helping Papa with his presents:

Owen so thrilled with his lip stick:

The booze theme starts:

Kaitlin's booze...she is officially 19 now so only fitting that she get lots of booze:

Owen helping Nana with her presents:


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