Wednesday, January 2, 2008

25th - Christmas afternoon and evening

Adrian's side of the family came over in the afternoon and brought with them much excitement. There is nothing quite like 2 four year old boys and 2 toddler girls running around to remind you of the joy of Christmas.

Isabelle was all dressed up and looked perfect for about 5 minutes when she found a forgotton chocolate and had the treat of her life. YUM!

Many great prezzies all around. Nana knit the most wonderful hat and scarf sets for the girls, they both look so cute in them.

Steve commissioned an artist to create this beautiful piece for wonderful.

Santa arrived in the form of a dressed up Uncle Steve, this was sadly met with frustration on the part of both boys so I believe this is the last year for it. Logan asked why his dad was being Santa and Owen wanted to know why Santa came to our house when we were not sleeping. I think that to keep Santa alive for them we have to put away the costume... it is sad when they start to grow up and get wise.

It was a great time with family and made me remember how blessed we really are.

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Anonymous said...

love the pic! wow.... that's beautiful and love the kids reaction to Santa. Great to see you today Jen! I won't be down on thurs as I'm going to call in to those meetings will see you next tues!
luv Andrea