Friday, May 22, 2009

The view from in here

Reading a recent post on Simple Kids I was reminded of the fun of building forts on rainy days. Last weekend we had a super-duper rainy day on Saturday, the perfect kind of day for building such a fort.   
So we pulled out our trusty box of Crazy Forts, all the blankets the kids could find and set about building the bestest fort ever in Owen's words and a pretty princess castle in Isabelle's.  Gotta love that one fort satisfied both of their needs all at once, that rarely happens and even more rarely on a house-bound rainy day.  I love the forts of my youth, made with all the chairs and blankets in the house, and we often make those.  But sometimes a special fort is called for.  The wonderful system of sticks and balls work together to make a sturdy fort that lasts longer than the traditional chair/blanket system.  

Here are a few photos of the fort during construction:

The kids played in this fort for most of the day.  Had picnics inside, read books and pretended to sleep.

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