Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hello from the *new park*.

Last night, on the way to swimming class, Owen and I went to a new park just to exlpore something new and fun. I love watching him in a new place, the way he runs from one thing to the next,
what he chooses to do first,
what he does over and over again,

how much more careful and cautious he is on stairs since he fell and knocked the wind out of him last summer,

how he stopped moving for one brief moment to read the graffiti (thankfully it was *clean*)
and how he still loves to stand on any surface and declare "I am the King of the Castle and you are a Dirty Rascal"
We decided last week, after another such adventure, that every week before swimming, we would explore a new park. It is fun for Owen to have new and different challenges and fun for me to get to run around trying to capture that excitement in photos.

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