Sunday, October 21, 2007

A week ago yesterday...

...was Isabelle's first day of school.

Isabelle started at Montessori last Monday, one week ago yesterday, I cannot believe that my wee baby is not a wee baby any more. In a few short weeks she will be turning one and I will be heading back to work.
The first morning went great. She took the teacher’s hand and walked into the classroom without a backwards glance at me. “Good, I thought, no tears”…and then “why isn’t she crying, isn’t she going to miss me?” I know, I am neurotic, as only a mother can be. But through my own misty eyes, I really was pleased that she was happy! However pickup time was not as smooth. As soon as she saw me she started to howl and kept crying and whimpering for about an hour…poor baby!!! It did not help either of us that she had just bumped her head into the cement wall of the school and there was blood and a huge scrape on her perfect little face.

Now, she still cries when I drop her off, but only for a few minutes because I hide in the hallway and peek in the window spying on her so I know she is happy and OK as soon as I am out of sight. When I pick her up I do the same thing, crouch down and peer in the window and watch her play for a while before letting them know I am there…and yes, I do see the disturbed visual I have provided here…I just want to see her in that environment without her seeing me.

She is in the Pre-Toddler program which introduces them gradually to the Montessori materials and activities. They have outside play time every day…circle time where they sing songs…little beds they use for naps and little tables and chairs for snack and lunch. The teacher’s are wonderful and so patient. It really is a great environment and I know Isabelle is well cared for.

I still cannot believe that my little girl is growing up!

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Jim said...

Wow, they go to school young there in Canada! :) She's a cutie - hope she continues to adjust well.