Tuesday, October 23, 2007



This past weekend I was well and truly spoiled by Barb. A little while ago she and I were talking on the phone and I am sure during our 20 minute conversation I had to “put her on hold” no less than 10 times to deal with one problem or another with the kids. I have been a little stressed, a lot tired, and completely overwhelmed lately. Between part time school, going back to work full time after a year off, taking care of the kids, trying to eat well and get some exercise in, doing my homework and reading…it seems that I am unable to carve any time out for myself. The kids are very young; Owen just turned 4 and Isabelle is almost 1 and our lives are just super busy right now. ANYWAY, Barb called back again a few days later and told me to pack my bags and get childcare coverage for Friday afternoon and night…she was whisking me away for an afternoon (and overnight stay) of relaxation and pampering.

Getting away these days is no easy feat, but thanks to my knights in shining armour, I was able to leave without a worry. Leslie helped me in the morning as I was getting ready to leave and still had a million things to do to get ready for Owie’s party…thanks Les!!! And Mom is great for always being there when I need her…thank you Mom…love you! And my dear husband Adrian was so thrilled for me to be getting away and did a great job with the kids overnight on his own…thanks honey! xoxo

Friday arrived and after a truly pleasant drive, I arrived at High Fields Country Inn and Spa.
The lobby area was full of movie posters signed by the stars that had visited; Jim Carrey, Julia Stiles, Geena Davis, Sigourney Weaver...and so many more.

Our room was incredible with a private patio overlooking the pool and the most amazing view of the Oak Ridges Moraine . We had a wood burning fireplace (which we used…Dad, you would have been proud of our fire), a very comfy king sized bed, a soaker tub (which we did not use :( ) and a couch and TV where we watched You’ve Got Mail…a classic Meg Ryan chick flick.

Our spa treatments began shortly after our arrival and were just amazing. After getting into our cozy spa robes and having a short tour of the converted farm house we were led to an amazing treatment room. It had everything you would expect from a spa and more…dimmed lights, soothing music, wonderful smells AND 3 treatment beds in each room. So after one treatment I just had to scooch over to the next bed for the next thing…so wonderful! We started with an aromatherapy facial that felt like a massage on my face, I typically do not love facials…they hurt and leave my face all blotchy…but this was completely different. Next was the massage and it was like heaven. It was mostly a traditional massage, but she did a little hot stone massage also...so relaxing. She customized the aromatherapy to my scent preference; adding lavender, vanilla and leaving out chamomile…I have never experienced such personalized service before.

Then Barb and I met back in the room and had a few hours to kill before dinner. Although the spa treatments were wonderful, this was probably the best part for me. My dad and Barb have moved up north to the cottage and between their busy lives and our busy lives we have not had much time to really sit and talk lately. So Barb and I had a few beers (and cockatils too) sitting out on lounge chairs by the pool and looked out over the changing leaves on the trees. We talked about a million things; family, friends, work, stress…just got caught up on each other’s lives.

The food was amazing! Dinner was a set menu with choices of soup/salad and main course and breakfast was yogurt with granola and then a hot buffet. The chef has been there since June and she also served the meals to us and it was nice to be able to compliment her in person.

I cannot say enough how wonderful this little getaway was for me. I came home feeling rejuvenated and revitalized and much better able to cope with life. Barb, thank you so much for whisking me away and Dad, thank you for lending me your wife for a night. I love you both!

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