Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I succumbed... the pressure of a 4 year old. As we left the house this morning he glanced around the neighbourhood and then at our house and in a sad little voice he asked me why our house was not scary like the other homes. I said the most important thing was that we have fun on hallowe'en, not the decorations. He looked at me with his sweet face and said...but can't we have both?
SO, instead of working on my essay, I spent the morning carving pumpkins, hanging ghosts and bats from the porch and covering the front of the house with cobwebbing. And I have to admit, despite the knot in my stomach knowing my deadline is looming, the house looks great and I feel good about getting it done. I know Owen will be so thrilled when he walks up the least he better be.

Grandpa Bud & Pumpkins

On another note, my Grandpa Bud used to buy all of us grandkids a pumpkin every year and I am so pleased that my dad has continued on with this tradition. He brought over a pumpkin for Owen and Isabelle. I love traditions and love it when they get passed on through generations. Thanks Dad...thanks for keeping this alive!

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Gledwood said...

Pumpkin-carving's turning into high art these days!

I hope you used the insides judiciously, in stew or something!

I posted up an exellent pumpkin recipe link the other day... come by if you wanna see it...

OK all the best to you!

"Vol 2"...