Monday, March 15, 2010


I had the shortest but most amazing weekend with the family.  I am commuting weekly to Mexico right now for work and coming home on weekends.  Typically I will fly out on Sunday am and home on Thursday night but due to customer meetings, I needed to stay until Saturday.  My flight came in late and Adrian and the kids surprised me by meeting me at the gate...I could not have been happier or more surprised.  The kids had drawn "Welcome Home Mama" signs and Owen brought me a really was the sweetest thing...thank you Adrian!

When we got home, I lay in our bed with the kids watching a new movie Ponyo and they fell asleep snuggled next to was bliss!  Then Adrian and I got caught up on each other's week.

On Sunday the kids and I spent the day together out of the house to give daddy a needed break and some time to work on his university work.  We took Oliver for a nice long walk, went to McDonalds and they played in the playcenter and hooked up with the Taylor's for a trip to the bowling alley.  I do not think I have bowled in a million years and we had the BEST time.  Check out the kids cool moves:

We snuggled up again that night and then I left at 5am to come back...bittersweet leaving after such a short visit...but only 3 sleeps until I am home again.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Adrian told me about meeting you at the airport ... and the kids running to you. So sweet :)