Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello Morning

With the thought of creating a specific scrapbook page, I set out a little while ago to capture a typical morning in our home.  Here are the results:
Adrian takes Oliver for a walk while I get myself showered and dressed.  Then while he gets organized for the day I wake up Owen, usually much more fun if Oliver jumps on the bed with me
Owen and I lie in his bed and sing I Got a Feeling (by Black Eyed Peas) sung by the Chipmunks.  He loves this CD and especially loves this song, I printed the words so we can follow along.  It is such a great song to start our day
Usually Bella wakes up and wanders in while we are singing, she jumps on the bed and joins in.  Unlike Owen, she is not a "natural" cheerful morning person...takes her a few minutes to wake up and smile (on a side note - Isabelle no longer has a soother.  On a recent trip to the dentist just before our Florida vacation, the dentist said the soother was affecting her teeth so that night the NUKie Fairy visited and she has not had a soother since...such a big girl!)
The kids each do "chores" in the morning and I have a chart to keep them on track.  Isabelle is here checking her chart 
Chore #1 - put NUKie away
Get dressed, brush teeth and hair - here she has put her own hair clips in

Make bed
Daddy shaving 

Throw a load of laundry in

Vitamins - gummies for the kids

Make Owen's lunch: sandwich with crusts cut off and cut into triangles, juice, applesauce, multi-grain nacho chips, 2 cookies, granola bar <-- this is his typical lunch/snack bag for the day.  On this particular day he requested a hot lunch, so macaroni and cheese in the thermos was substituted  for the sandwich.

Make breakfast.  Isabelle's current favourite is pancakes or "daddy cereal" (special K or rice krispies) and Owen's favourite is toast or "Nora eggs" (over easy, chopped up with pepper on top)

Eat breakfast

Kiss daddy goodbye as he leaves for work

High - five for the other one...not a big kisser and especially not in the am

Must have been a Monday because Owen is reviewing his dictee words (he has a French spelling test every Monday morning)

Pour juice for himself and his sister

Get dressed to take Owen to school.  Right now that means: snowpants, boots, hat, scarf, mittens and jacket.  It is quite a production and can take up to 15 minutes some days

Get Owen's backpack ready for school - check any papers that need signing, any money for trips etc...

Nora is a wonderful help in the morning and this is usually when she takes over and I leave for work

The 3 of them leave to walk Owen to school and Oliver gets his 2nd walk of the day

This was my favourite breakfast for a while - orange, whole wheat english muffin with nautral almond butter and bottle of water and diet coke...I would eat it in the car while driving to work
Do hair and makeup in the downstairs bathroom

Put on shoes and I am out the door

I am sure right now, as I am in Mexico and Adrian is running things at home in the morning, things look a little differently around our house.  I am glad that I captured these pictures to have a glimpse of what worked for us for a time.  What does your morning routine look like?

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Teena in Toronto said...

Adrian's doing a great job :)

Travel safe tomorrow.