Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Valentines Review

Here are some of the craft projects and decorations we had around the house for Valentines Day.

Owen made these valentines for school.  I got the idea from Becky Higgins site and had him draw a valentine on a piece of paper, then I scanned it, shrunk it down to size and printed many copies.  This way, each person in his class got a Valentine with his writing and we did not have the typical battles around writing 25+ Valentines by was the perfect solution. 
 I took the kids to the Bulk Barn and let them choose which candies they wanted to include in their friend's Valentines.  I filled candy bags (you could also use ziplock) with the candy - folded the scanned images over the top and stapled...voila!  Here is Bella's.  She is really into printing right now and loves to  follow the dots - so I did "dots" here for Happy Valentines Day...she did her name all on her own.
I found a craft on Martha Stewart's site where you take crayon shavings and melt them between 2 pieces of wax paper and then cut them into heart shapes.  Why is it that everything on Martha's site looks so easy and perfect?  This craft was NOT FUN to do!  Shaving the crayons took a few hours, they do not do well in a pencil sharpener, they do not do well in a crayon sharpener, I eventually used my Pampered Chef cheese grater.  Then the cutting - not really great for the kids because the melted crayon made it hard to cut through.  Anyway, we made a ton of hearts, some hung above the kitchen sink, most were on our seasonal tree.  Despite the difficulties with the craft, I loved the results:
Owen made this beautiful card at school for his sister.  Love the bond between those two!
This is a card Owen made for Nora one day at home.  He made the part where her name was into a bit of a puzzle where she had to unscramble the letters...he loves word puzzles like that...I love that he is making his creative!
This is a card that Isabelle made for Daddy.  She started drawing hearts right after we did our crayon craft and I love them so much.  She did all the printing herself, including spelling daddy backwards!
Owen had a Valentine's day party at school and we all pitched in and made cupcakes.  The kids each had their own pan to decorate however they wanted.  Those 2 love helping out in the kitchen...especially when there is icing, sprinkles and candy involved.

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