Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soccer - First Game - June 3rd

What can I say about soccer this season? We have had ups and downs...lots of excitement pre-season...less excitement once the season started. Owen favourite parts of soccer are...shaking hands at the end of the game, refreshment time, being goalie.
Pre-Game Drills
Our other little soccer player...she runs onto the field to kick the ball every chance she gets
Practicing in the net:
Owen is the first light blue in the line...

UPDATE JULY 22 - last night was our 7th game and Owen played "out" for a whole quarter. I know that there are only halves in soccer, but the coaches switch the players half way through each he played for 1 quarter in goal and 1 quarter "out"...and he KICKED the ball for the first time. This is really huge for him. He does really wonderfully in practice and playing on the weekend with Daddy...but has not wanted to participate at all in the games, except as a goalie. We are not sure if he finds the crowd around the ball intimidating...or if he just likes crouching mid-field picking weeds...or if he just does not really know what to do...but this week, for the very first time, he ran with the crowd (encouraged by his wonderful coach) and kicked the ball. We are so proud of you buddy!!!

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