Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Last day of school - June 20th

Owen had his last day at Blaisdale Montessori school...notice the sweaters and long was a very cool morning. We have decided with our separate and hectic travel schedules, that it was in the best interest of the whole family to hire a live-in nanny. As a result, we have pulled the kids out of their school. This decision was one of the hardest we have ever made and even harder because we do not believe it is in the best interest of the kids...but in the best interest of the family as a whole...tough one for us to make. ANYWAY...Owen's last day of school was sad for him and us. We gave him free reign over the camera and he took over 300 pics in the space of a few hours. Pictures of his friends, his classroom, the playground and so much more. I plan (when I have some free time - haha) to make a book of the best 20-30 of these pics for him.

Owen and Mme. Doris - French Teacher
Owen and Miss Scott - Teacher's Assistant
Owen and Mrs. Zylstra - Casa Teacher
Funny Faces (Ra'Esa, Rosalie, Kendall, Owen, Darren & Ethan) Hamming it up for the camera:
"This is the important stuff I don't want to forget mom"...quote from Owen as he snapped pics of stairs, no parking signs and fire extinguishers...

His view of the art on the walls:
Owen's classroom:

Owen and a bunch of classmates below the sign to the entrance of the school:

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