Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Head & Shoulders - June 28

Isabelle is so interested in knowing the name for everything...and has learned most of her body parts...she very proudly will point when is quite sweet and oh so clever.

Teeth...just don't get too close, she has become a chomper lately. Owen warns everyone, "if she comes at you with her mouth open...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE"


doughtydigest said...

So sweet! Does she have words, or does she just point? Kiah talks all the time, most of intelligent (at least it is to me) I love the pictures, the kiddos are growing up so fast!

The Gill Family said...

Thanks for the comments...they are growing up too fast!

Yes, she does have words. Isabelle is not a real babbler, she repeats a lot and what she does say is crystal clear. She likes to point at things in books and identify them (ball, dog, flower...) Her favourite new word...OOOOWWWWIIIIEEEEE...she says it in the softest fairy voice all the time, when watching him play soccer, as soon as she gets up in the is so very sweet.