Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Berry Picking - June 21

We went strawberry picking. Trying to promote healthy eating and thought that some visits to local farms would be a great way to start. Owen loves to eat strawberry jam when we go to restaurants, must be something about the little packages. He has never touched a real strawberry, but I had high hopes for our little trip. Get him picking, making jam...maybe he will eat one. Did this happen you ask? NOPE! Owen decided that picking was too gross, he saw the hands of a few people picking before us and they were covered in red berry juice...not for my boy. So he asked if he could be the official photo-gruffer. He snapped some really great shots and true to his word, did not touch a berry the entire 90 minutes we were at the farm.

Rows and Rows of wonderful berries:
A bright red berry:
One of the many full baskets of berries we picked that warm day:
The only pictures I have of Owen from that day were taken on the drive home. We drove by a farm and there were some cows grazing very close to the we pulled over and watched them for a while...Owen kept leaning out of the window moo-ing very loudly to get their attention...a few times a cow would glance his was pretty cool.

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