Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We're baaaaack...

We have been back from England for over two weeks now and our lives are slowly returning to normal. It took Isabelle and Owen several days to get their body clocks back on schedule, the wee girl was getting us up at 4am for almost a week…but that is all sorted now. We had a really fantastic trip, a little sight seeing, a few “football” matches for Adrian and lots of time with family.
Here are some shots from the airplane. The kids were great on the plane both ways. On the way home they were unable to accommodate us all together, the airline actually had Owen seated on his own and Adrian, Isabelle and I together. This would have been fine with us but I am not sure the people around Owen would have been happy. So the boys sat together and Isabelle and I sat a few rows ahead.

Here are some of our favourite shots of the family that we visited:

Daphne and George have both had health concerns recently and we were so pleased to find them looking so well. Daphne is a wonderful host and made us a beautiful lunch.

We spent 5 days with Adrian’s Aunt Stella and she is just a delight. She loves to play with the children and of course the kids just love that! She always welcomes us into her home when we are there and make us so comfortable.

We spent most of our time with Alison, Nigel and Maisie. They are fantastic friends as well as being Adrian’s family. Maisie was a wonderful playmate to Owen and a big helper with Isabelle. They have a sweet dog Sniff who delighted the kids and provided us with lots of entertainment.

Maisie had a birthday during our visit. We had a great day in London and went to Rain Forest Cafe, it was a perfect birthday for a perfect little girl.

Maisie is an avid horserider and Owen and I got the opportunity to watch her ride one day. She is amazing and it was really a thrill to get to experience this.

Worthing is a costal town close to Brighton where Adrian's grandmother lived, it holds many special memories for him. We visit every time we are in England but this visit had to be the best we have ever had. The weather was fantastic, the kids played in the water and on the pebble beach, we had an amazing walk along the pier...the perfect day for making new special memories.

While sightseeing in London we happened upon this setup of large trampolines where people were harnessed in and jumping to huge heights. Owen was not interested at first glance, but after watching Maisie go he had to have a turn. Our big brave boy!!!

Just a few shots of us:

Adrian at the Star Wars exhibit in London:

Before I close this post off I want to send our love out to Iris and Dave. Uncle Dave is in hospital and although he is making improvements, his overall health is not great. Please know that you are never far from our thoughts or our hearts. XO

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doughtydigest said...

Bridget and I have seen those trampoline things, I can't imagine how much fun Owen must have had on it!