Sunday, September 23, 2007

Budding Artist

Isabelle is growing in leaps and bounds. She is doing the "Frankenstein Walk", has 4 new teeth coming in and has started to become a monkey like her brother. Her favourite activites include climbing, pulling daddy's CDs out of his alphabetizied shelving system and pulling out all of Owen's art supplies.

In the morning while I am making breakfast or tidying the kitchen she makes a beeline for the easel. She stands using her left hand for balance and empties all the cups of markers, pencil crayons and by one...delighting in the sound of them crashing on the floor. She stops to sample a few on the way and then quickly gets back into wrecking-mode.

The floor is soon covered. She gets an impish grin and looks around surveying her proud of herself. Our little budding artist...

~the tidyier-upper~

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Mike said...

Wow, she's walking pretty early!