Sunday, September 23, 2007

Road Trip

On Thursday Owen, Isabelle and I made the journey to London to visit with my sister Kaitlin at Western University.
2 hours and 30 minutes on the road
230 kilometers
2 "nature pee" stops
3 video changes - Blues Clues, Dragon Tales and Scooby-Doo
4 bottles of Goat Milk
1 wrong turn due to bad directions from mapquest (I know what you are thinking, women drivers, but I have a great sense of direction and followed the directions to the letter and they sent me south when I should have gone north)
We finally made it to Auntie K's house on Huron Street.

We had a great day, went to the London Children's Museum went for a walk around the neighbourhood, took a driving tour of the university campus and finished off our day with dinner at Jack Astor's. Kaitlin told them it was Owen's birthday (it is in 2 weeks) and they brought him a cupcake with a sparkler and sang Happy Birthday, he was so surprised and happy.
Kaitlin's house is amazing. There are 5 of them living there; Kaitlin, Jessica, Tong Tong, Rachel and Peanut. The girls were so welcoming and played with Owen and was so nice. Owen was so excited to see Auntie Kaitlin again, he really loves and misses her.

Sadly my camera ran out of battery power after only a few minutes at the museum...I guess we will just have to keep the rest of the day alive in our memories.

Thanks for a great day Kaitlin!

~jennifer, owen & isabelle~

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doughtydigest said...

How did the stone statue keep from being knocked over? I know Justin and Isaac would have been "testing" it's engineering strength. Looks like, with his arms behind his back, that Owen was given some instructions!