Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Day of School

I know..I know...we are almost a month into the school year and I am just posting this. What can I say, I have not uploaded pics from my camera in a long time and frankly, without the pictures it would be a pretty boring post.

Owen was not keen on going back to school after the summer holidays. He asked me all sorts of heart-wrenching questions:
"Why are you sending me away?"
"Are you and Isabelle going to have fun all day without me?"
"Don't you want to spend time with me?"
None of the parenting books I have read prepare you for these questions. It made me so sad, and yet I cannot pretend that I was not excited about having some more time on my hands to get home projects done and spend a little one-on-one time with Isabelle before going back to work.
Anyway, after helping make his own lunch, choosing his own clothes and walking across the parking lot himself...he decided that school was not too bad after all. He has the same teacher as last year (in Montessori schools, students remain with the same teacher and class for 3 years) and all his best friends are in his class. There were no tears as we left, not from him or me. It was a good morning.
He took a keychain photograph of himself on the trampoline in London to show his friends (we thought it might be a good icebreaker) and before we even left the parking lot he had pulled it out of his pocket and was showing it around.
We are so proud of our little boy!
~mommy & daddy~

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