Friday, March 16, 2007


We went to the zoo the other day and had the greatest time ever! The weather was warm-ish, no need for snowpants, hats and mitts and in March in Ontario that is really something. My mom was here for the day and came with me and the kiddies, so nice to be able to share the day with her.

The Toronto Zoo is a huge place and we could not see everything in one day. We saw the polar bear, sad story, there used to be 2 bears but one got West Nile and passed away. The one left seemed so lonely, kept coming out of the 'back' area...looked around...and went back in. He did this about 20 times and then finally got into the water. Kids are so perceptive, Owen said to my mom "Grandma, it looks like he is looking for someone", wow! After the polar bear we saw the Llamas (just like on Diego - don't you love TV). Owen told me that Llamas have padded feet to help them walk, learned this on Diego. Then it was the spider monkeys, jaguars and the amazing Americas pavilion. The pavilion was about a million degrees hot but was full of great creatures - snakes, turtles, otters, little tiny monkey things...just love that place.

On the way out we passed by a HUGE puddle. Predictably, Owen waded right in, it was over the top of his boots and he had a blast splashing around. Just as predictably as soon as he was done in the puddle he wanted out of his wet clothing...his pants were soaked! So in the middle of the pathway off came his pants and back into the stroller with a blanket. Then we had to stop for the potty and he marched in, these two tiny little legs sticking out below his coat and into huge boots, so cute. I am sure everyone thought he must have peed his pants. (on another note, he is doing so well with potty accidents in over 2 weeks...WOO HOO).

I remember to carry my camera everywhere but seem to forget it when those magical moments happen - like Owen jumping around in the puddle. I did get a few cute shots - the standard "I am the king of the castle" shot and one of him apres-puddle jumping.


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