Saturday, March 17, 2007

The girl

As I was reviewing our posts (I know...there were only 3 before this one), I realized I had yet to mention sweet Isabelle. You see, the boy does all sorts of interesting things that make us laugh and the girl, well, she doesn't yet. She is awfully cute though, so I am dedicating this post to our adorable 4 month old Izzy.

At 4 months old she is almost doing a lot of things...almost rolling over...almost sitting up...almost sleeping through the night every night (we get 5 out of 7 right now). Owen loves her so much and loves to sing to her especially when she is upset.

Isabelle loves her exersaucer, jolly jumper and is just starting to hold rattles and other toys. She is a very easy going baby who is full of smiles and laughs. We delight in her every day!


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Wendy said...

What a wonderful idea! In the old days we had to rely on developing photographs and using that old fashioned tool called the telephone! Thank you also for including your brother's family-site; will have to chastise him for not sending it direct - thank you again and keep the news coming - thoroughly enjoy viewing

Wendy & Bob