Saturday, March 17, 2007

Stalling tactics

Last night after Adrian & Owen had read 3 stories and done some cuddling, after Owen & I had talked about the best part of our day and done some cuddling, after we had both given loads of kisses & hugs goodnight, after we had reviewed the rulee about the door (stay in bed - door stays open...get out of bed - door gets closed), after we had left him to fall asleep on his own and were making a fire and settling into a quiet evening of watching TV...a quiet little voice spoke to us from the upstairs landing.

"I have just one more thing to say Mommy"
"OK Owen, I am listening"
(the eyes dart around - desperate to fall on some 'talking subject')
"Do you know where Norf America is?" (ah, he has spied the large world map on the wall)
then before I can even answer...
"No, no, no...I you know where Syrup is?"
"Do you mean Europe Owen?"
"Yeah, Syrup"
"Yes Owen, I know where Europe is. Back to bed. Goodnight"
and off he shuffled. Gotta love the stalling tactics those sweet little brains can come up with...their mission - simply to stay awake. If only they knew how cute they looked when asleep...they might just be inclined to go to sleep a little sooner. Sweet dreams my sweet boy!


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