Friday, March 30, 2007

Lynde Creek

Planning on going to Lynde Creek Conservation Area this weekend and was looking at the pictures from the time we were there in February...brings back all these great memories. Kaitlin was here for a few days while on her reading week break from Western University and what a great time we had. Here are some of my fave shots. What you will not see is a photo of Kaitlin trying to feed the birds, she was a little squeemish and really did not want to have a bird on her hand...maybe next time Auntie KK.

Auntie K...pushing the stroller

Owen holding out his hand to feed the bird

Me feeding a bird

Owen doing a "nature pee pee"

Isabelle all bundled up in the stroller

Kaitlin and Owen stomping around in the woods

~thank you for looking...jen~

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doughtydigest said...

Nature Pee - Pee. That's awesome. I bet we'll have a hard time at the cottage getting the boys to use the toilet. Jason