Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Cottage

Again, seriously behind on blog posts...trying to get caught up.

Here are some of my favourite shots from our Thanksgiving weekend at the cottage.

After demanding to be allowed to jump in the lake for several hours, Daddy suggested that Owen just test the water first...that was all it took..."too cold for me dad, but you can go in if you want to."

After a very busy day, Bella chills on the couch with doggie, wolfie, blanket (on her head) and NUKie. :)
We too long treks in the woods:
Tended to the fire:
With Papa:
Wearing the ultra-latest in smoke protection gear:

Oliver had fun:

We saw some cool wildlife:

And played a great game of "Hello Harry" and we all ended up with spots on our faces.
Kaitlin and I were the most "decorated". She ended up as a 5 spot:

And somehow I ended up as a 6 spot...and everyone decided it was more fun to call me clown...which I really did not understand until I saw these pics (thank you Justin for the rather large spots :)
Happy Thanksgiving!


Mike said...

So did Adrian go in the water or what?

Great anti-smoke gear. :)

The Gill Family said...

Adrian in the water? It barely even happens in the summer!