Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The big boy room

For about one year now, I have been planning on updating Owen's room as part of his 6th birthday celebrations. His room still had a lot of baby things and a mish-mash of big boy things. I saw these wonderful photos of a boy's bedroom room online and just fell in love.
I started collecting things: mobile of the solar system on ebay, mosaic photo of R2D2 on etsy, robot ABC poster on etsy, stars from IKEA....and on and on and on.
After school on Friday, Adrian took both kids to our friends house to play and I got started on the room with the help of my friends and my mom...thanks guys...could not have done it without you! When Owen came home that night we video-taped his reaction...priceless!
He was speechless, wandered around the room, eyes wide open, looking at everything. He would run up to a poster, touch it and say "this is new!"
and then run to the lamp, turn it off and on and say "and this is new!"
After a while he started to notice things that were missing..."Um, mama? I like my new room...but where is my bank and all my money?" "And I do not see my Ben 10 poster mama."
I told him that I still had everything and we would make room for whatever he wanted back in the room the next day. Once he felt confident that all his treasures were safe, he grabbed the camera and started taking photos...he is such a budding photographer!
Then he and Bella played Great Wolf Lodge. He sat in his new swing rocket chair from IKEA, she sat on the red star-lit tree skirt (acting as an area rug) from IKEA and he read his sister a book.
Owen fell asleep quickly that night in his new Big Boy Room.


Mike said...

Wow, looks pretty good.

Catherine said...

What a cool room. The tree skirt as area rug? Genius!

The Gill Family said...

Thank you very much! We had a lot of fun.