Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Beautiful Kids

I took these pictures of the kids early in the morning on Owen's birthday. I had them sit on the family room table and look out the window. I love how the room is dark and the look of the natural light on their sweet faces. I also love their expressions - such a little glimpse of who they are.

Owen is my serious one - he loves science experiments, loves to figure out how things work, loves to read and is currently reading the first Harry Potter novel with me, loves to play video games, loves gymnastics, swimming and tennis, worries sometimes. Owen: my sweet serious boy!
Isabelle is my happy one - she always has a smile on her face and generally brings out the cheese face whenever she sees a camera, she loves to play games, adores her big brother and is a big Dora fan. For her birthday party she has specified the following "I like it to have Baby Riley and Sydney and Paigey and Skylar and all de girls. All everybody have fairy wings on and all everybody have fairy wands and all everybody have fancy shoes and all everybody wear pink clothes. I like it to have pink plates and all de girls eating pink cake and balloons are pink and pink and pink. Bella: my sweet happy girl!
Love these two kids so much! xoxoxo

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