Wednesday, October 22, 2008

nothing better...

Nothing better…than waking up in my own bed surrounded by my family…all four of us snugged right in under warm covers but feeling the cool air from the open window on my face.

Nothing better…than listening to Owen's imaginary conversations as he plays with his lego.

Nothing better…than a shorter commute to work since my office moved a few weeks ago.

Nothing better…than hearing Isabelle say “I uv you too mama”.

Nothing better...than starting a new book.

Nothing better…than getting a package in the mail full of wonderful new scrapbook supplies.

Nothing better...than texting with Kaitlin to keep in touch. We had a great conversation last night and it reminded me how much I miss my sister.

Nothing better…than the first snowfall of the season yesterday and the delight in the kids eyes as they look out at the falling flakes.

Nothing better…than a mid-week date with my hubby tonight. We are going to The Who concert in Hamilton.

Nothing better...than logging into my brother's blog and seeing a new post with pics of the kids. Arizona is so very far away. xo to all 6 of you.

Nothing better…than a planned weekend trip to a pumpkin farm for hay rides and corn mazes and face painting…oh the memories we will create!

Nothing better…than watching my two pj clad kids scooched together on the couch giggling as they watched the garbage truck this morning.

Nothing better…than free lunch at work…salad and baked chicken today…yummy.

Nothing better…than Adrian getting a little bit of good news at work yesterday after so much uncertainty and worry.

Nothing better...than seeing Owen get it. We have sponsored a child the same age as Owen in Zimbabwe as part of celebrating his birthday and he is very interested in what Butho's life is like, what he eats, who he plays with...and to see the empathy and concern on his face as he grasps some of the differences in his own life and that of Butho's…seriously there is nothing better!

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