Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Almost Two

Dear Isabelle,
You are almost two and are growing up so quickly. You are changing right before my eyes. You are speaking in sentences now “Mama, milk please.” You adore your brother and want to do everything he does “My turn”. You are at this funny inbetween stage, so grown up yet so tiny still. You want to choose and put on your own clothing and scream “No” if we try to help. You want to be picked up and cuddled and carried “Up” when you are tired. You like to know where everyone is and ask “Where dada? Where Owen? Where Mama?” when someone in the family is not in the room. You are a very sweet girl who loves her babies. You like to climb in the doll stroller and doll bed and pretend to be a baby yourself. Most often you can be found with a bottle or NUKie in your mouth carrying around bear or lambie or blanket. You have such spunk and already know your own mind. I cannot believe that you are going to be two years old in a few weeks. I love you so much and am proud to be your mama. xoxo

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